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December 25, 2016

How to skip xmas?

Do you ever get tired of xmas? I mean - if every year is the same and you know what to expect and things are not emotionally really as you want them to be ( xmas is pretty strange without my father - still ) and you know that all you can expect is material aspect of xmas, in this consumerist society - that means everything the same - all over again. I'm not in the mood for xmas - when I'm not in the mood. I think I rather skip whole circus - if it's only superficial. Most of the time I don't have problem with doing things differently, but this would ( and really could ) be a first time to skip xmas. I mean, if something unexpectedly change my point of view and perspective, some miracle of something - let it be. But otherwise - I think I'm gonna be somewhere else - in my mind - in some better future xmas, and preparing for some new version of me and xmas. 

I really do not like to force things ( especially emotional ) so... I mean, what's the point of not enjoying things you should enjoy. Like going on a party you don't want to go.
I'm just thinking of a good, nice and elegant way to skip it. Like... something completely original, to be in totally different place outside ( our city was last year declared for best advent city so ... we have so many things going on in the city). Or... travel somewhere or... travel in my mind - read books and watching good movies, maybe even wright. Or maybe just to turn to the religious ( and spiritual ) side of x-mas this year. Isn't that a point after all of whole xmas from the first beginnings.
Actually, I'm waiting for it to hit me - some completely new brilliant idea.
If you have some idea, call me and tell me, I'm ready to discover new horizons :)

( Please, do not buy stuff just to buy stuff. Make a difference and make something on your own. Or give people your love, attention and hug. It's about thoughtfulness and... love <3 )

August 28, 2016


                                                                   HOW DO YOU TREAT YOURSELF?

     What IMAGE of yourself you are putting on display for others? Are you aware of these things? And how powerful it can be to know your own worth, strength and power about that?
Do you see yourself as week, victim or a loser ( and telling yourself that ) or are you seeing yourself as a successful, strenghtfull, capable and victorious?

     It's amazing how easily those things can slip to your mind - bad ones as much as the good ones. It's so important to know your mind and to control it - or at least erase bad and wrong attitudes and thoughts by POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.
It really can be all about how you see yourself. But you have to work on it.

     And how you are seeing yourself? What's dominant in your mind and behavior most of the time? Bad or good?
VISUALISATIONS are next great thing. Visualizations of what you want, who you want to be or... With all those informations today and images it could be so easy to lose yourself and idea of who you are and what you want ( to do ).

     These little practices are really great work for everyone everyday.
As much as the VISION-BOARDS and writing JOURNAL. ( I love vision-boards - they are amazing, I even have digital one. And that moment you notice that something was realized - that's great part )

     So - this are your tools. You can use them - and see amazing results - or you can... ignore them. The answer is obvious. :)

     In order to present you great way of making positive affirmations, thought and life, I'm sharing with you amazing OPRAH'S ADVICES

1. Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe .
If you believe or keep telling yourself you are a loser or dumb or not good enough, you will always stay there. Start telling yourself you are awesome and watch your world change.

2. Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never ever have enough. Abundance will flow where gratitude goes. The more you have to be thankful for, the more you will notice good things showing up in your life for more gratitude.

3. If you don't know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.
We all have a passion and purpose. If you live without discovering either, you will only exist, not live.

4. I don't think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good.
I think of myself as somebody who, from an early age, who knew I was responsible for myself and had to make good. You and only you are responsible for your life, either your success or failures. Only you.

5. Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.
Waste no time with those who will look for any chance to cut you down. They don't serve you or your higher purpose. Spend less time with them and more time with those who love you and want only the best for you.

6. We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are.
Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you are seeking a greater life, then you need to make changes to ensure that happens. You are in charge of your life and any change that needs to be made.

7. Turn your wounds into wisdom.
You got the shit end of the deal. You got dumped by your partner, you lost a job. Turn all that into something more powerful so you can emerge from these wounds, much wiser with more determination and love.

8. Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
What you do today goes with you tomorrow. Do dumb things, they will follow you and haunt you, do great things and they will lead you.

9. The reason I've been able to be so financially successful is my focus has never, ever for one minute been money.
Focus on what you love to do and what you are called here to do and you will never work another day in your life and money will come. Detach from your wallet and put your attention on giving and serving.

10. I believe that one of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk.
Step outside of your comfort zone. Find out what's on the other side. Taste life and adventure. Be bold and daring and courageous. Life is not meant to lay dormant.

July 10, 2015


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August 17, 2016


I think we are getting close to the ending of the summer. Or maybe it's just in our heads. 

In my country, after 15. of August, which is our catholic feast, there's belief summer is fading and warm weather is gone. I really want to believe it is not true. There were years when this really was that way. But I remember beautiful and warm end of August and even amazing September. So, I'll be crossing fingers for that.
I really love August and his richness - it's time of amazing gifts of nature - fruits and vegetables, earth and sea are really warm from warming past few months, but sun is milder. Everything is so generous to human being. I love smells in late summer, from concrete ( under the sunshine or under the rain ), sea, Mediterranean plants, air ( on the warm sunny noon, in the evening, in the night and morning ), smells of fruit - watermelon and peaches, ice cream, light brunches with fresh vegetables, suntan lotion on my skin, even the smell of earth and plants.
One scent I'll be always connecting to summer and summer holidays - smell of tennis courts under the strong summer sun. Smell of concrete, red dirt, and oil or petroleum from concrete and oil refinery near which court was placed. Smell of water from the rubber hose ( when we were so thirsty ) spilled on the warm concrete. Even tennis balls and racket had amazing smell.
That was the time of our summer holidays in my primary and high school, with my dad. Tennis was not the point that much, but that trip in the tennis courts in the suburb every Saturday... was something I didn't know it will mean so much to me. Smell of freedom and wide open spaces, new horizons and amazing distance full of my dreams and anticipations ( that's got something to do with my father who was always working abroad ). Smell of future and possibilities.
Light and ethereal. That's what summer was to me when I was younger.
Now I see it's richness and I love it. And I am richer for so many memories as I grow older. So much beauty - everywhere.

Thank you so much for reading this,
Love Zee

August 01, 2016

Positive Attitude

It's irresponsible to let life just happening to you. It's your divine right to create your days. 

So, as the uploading of photos on this blog platform is unable for a while now, I decided to do what I wanted for a long time - to write more.

Lately I was pretty much into positive affirmations, changing old patterns and finding new perspectives; in changing my life in general.
We are all in transition - we live in great amount of stress lately, world is changing quick and everything is too fast - mostly because of new technologies. So, it is much important to :
- move forward
- keeping the track
- changing/tuning your mindset
- finding and keeping right attitude
- using every possible way to change yourself for the better and new
- and finding new - even better - ways

I know how I can have difficulties in every day life. I'm one of those people who cope much better in unusual ( and extreme? ) situations than coping every day routine, boring duties and small things ( just until I find the way ).
Thing that everyone finds normal - like every day life, duties, 9 - 5 jobs - terrifies me. And even routine is necessary and gives life a structure which provides fluidity, I'm creator and like my freedom. Freedom to create my day too. So - today with all those informations, possibilities, connections - it's like juggling with hundreds of balls or being in the jungle. You'll think that everything is possible, but than you'll find yourself drowning in the sea of possibilities.
How to create a perfect day, rhythm and life could be something like art today.
But, also, freedom today is really tricky word and business. Even to much freedom isn't good for you. You have to set your boundaries - for you, people around you and your capacities in every particular day. You have to know your limits. That way you won't lose your energy. Same thing is with people and allowing them in your space.
About boundaries on social network I will tell you more about it as soon as I understand it a bit more. And what is perfect acting. Or at least optimal.
I know how I can be involved in thinking about people on the net, who's thinking what, what does he or she mean or want, what does this meant or why they act the way they act.
Not to mention how can you go even deeper and analyze every character and personalities. Should I mention that I like to analyze? :)
Your head could be bursting.
I don't know how to create boundaries about that. It's all to quick, too easy, it just slip in your mind. And then you have to deal with it.
You can't set boundaries in your head, just try to calm your mind, meditate, be kind and spread love. Or maybe thinking over about your attitudes and patterns.
But it's the thing we are all learning nowadays. We are all changing in that way.
It's just good to be aware of that and spread the word. And love.
I'll spread the word about something else ( probably similar ) tomorrow
Love, Zee

July 17, 2016

#City_Summer or #Sea_Summer ( for #Rava; forever ago )

<p> Although it's summer, doesn't feel like it at all. No way last few days. It's like to cold, rainy like in autumn, wind is blowing like in winter, and people who went to our Adriatic coast yesterday was completely caught up in the mess of traffic - for 5 - 10 hours long highway lines. Because of the wind.
Before that summer was going on pretty well. Last few days just denied that. Hopefully weather will change in next few days - weathermen said so :)
I have to admit - I like to go to the coast in the last days of summer ( and if it's possible few days before everybody in June and some weekends in between ). I like city when it's empty. My city is so much better that way, it's hot but cool. You can explore Zagreb in so many unexpected ways. I prefer on bike. On a warm day you can actually cool yourself riding a bike.
To get out early in the morning, when it's not that hot and come home before worst heat, or going in the afternoon is the best choice.
You can always find something good to do, from morning coffee with friends or water and coffee to go in the nearest park ( with book, magazines or smartphone and blanket on the grass ) to evening concert on the open, or many festivals, festivities, open markets and even courses and free yoga classes on the open which our city is more and more full every year.
In between you can cool yourself down in some shopping center or restaurant or coffee shop or snackbar. Or near one of our two lakes.
Off course, don't forget to bring a camera. Or loved one(s). Or both.
That's mostly my perfect beginning or first part of summer.
Second part includes visiting friends on our coast in their summer houses, going on some new places and towns for a day or two and going on our little island near Zadar. It's really, really small, just a post office and a little store ( some years even without a bread ) but we more or less learned to expect the unexpected so we learned to deal with the idea of uncomfortable wilderness. But if you deal with first few unpleasant duties - like coming in the Zadar early in the morning buying some food, groceries and things and catching ship or ferry in the early afternoon and shipping for a few hours ( which is actually pleasant ) and then coming on the island, transferring everything to the house on the top of a hill, social obligations like catching old connections with locals - and there's actually more like making work everything inside and around the house - you'll be fine :)
Of course, everything that should be planned and prepared much before so there's no spontaneity, not a bit. Or actually there's no spontaneity in first week, then everything come in it's right place, nature, you and universe are colliding, lol. Everything becomes perfectly spontaneous.
Just to say, there's no tourists, hotel, motel or anything, just few rooms for renting, one or two restaurants ( with most fresh fish ), and yachts who comes and goes. Nature is untouched, so as the sea. Place where clock stopped, place where everything is the way I like it. Place with it's own authentic magic. Rava.
( maybe in next post I'll wright more about it. tell me how you are spending your summer.
Love you all, Zee
<3 )</p>
February 18, 2016
February 18, 2016
January 22, 2016

January - depressing or decluttering?

     It's January. People say it's most depressing month of the year. What would you say, do you feel depression? I have to say ( as an quite introvert ) that I actually love calm winter months lately, maybe because of all the stress all around. I didn't really feel depression or being down this year. On the contrary - I feel up and enjoying snow, cold days, peacefulness after hectic December and bright sunny winter days. And maybe it is because of beautiful sunny days and healthy, fresh cold air, maybe it really is because of a beautiful weather. This year January really isn't gloomy, not a bit.
     Maybe most depressing thing I've experienced is departure of David Bowie, but at least he left us beautiful album before he went ( for those who don't know - Blackstar is the title ).
     And it's really good time for cleaning, decluttering and planing new ideas and plans, preparing for new year and new adventures. Even making lists - weather you gonna stick to them and follow them or not ( I know I rarely do, but I love making them :) ).
     About decluttering I found a great quote - "Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved or disorganized. When you clear your clutter you create space for new things and your energy and creativity will increase."
     I think I can use this quote first and most to declutter my mind. About old ideas, old thoughts, feelings, habits, patterns, beliefs and such no more necessary things. I could do that mostly to say goodbye to old year and welcome new one.
     So, mostly, I don't feel the depression of January - except the desire for large amount of chocolates, lol. And good food and great movies. Hopefully it wouldn't hit me at the end of this month, 'cause there's still time. :)
     How about you? How are you?

November 25, 2015

One month 'till xmas ( and counting... )

I'm such a Christmas junkie. Really. I fall for every single detail, decoration, song, movie, xmas tree, cookie or cake, possibility of making someone's life little happier and joyful. And Christmas lights!! Never enough of those.
On spiritual level, I'm completely into seven heaven, lol. In a sense that I'm flying. Too bad I don't believe in Santa Claus anymore, I mean, to bad to know that he doesn't exist - I can still believe in him, no matter what people say. In one way or form or the other.
I really start to believe in anything at this xmas time. That anything is possible, that my every wish will come true, that people are good ( :)), I re-evoke my old dreams, and start dreaming again. And making knew dreams and plans.
For us dreamers, this is great, amazing time. We can believe in what we want, we can dream and spread love. We are most happy at those times. We can pretend that world is good. And actually - it is. For a little while. 'Cause people believe that is good. That's that power of believe. That's what we need.
I think in this global crisis time, people are even more into xmas. And wishes, dreams and spirit(uality). People need that. And love and positivity. It's too bad that this time has expiring limit. It's really true that old saying - I wish that Christmas lasts old the year...
But it's also true that people are starting to exaggerate, maybe even more in this time of crises. They want more and more, compensating probably not too good start and the rest of the year, wanting more joy, love, emotions, people, money, actually - everything. So this can be overwhelming too. ( I think I use this positive fuel for more dreams and spirit(uality) and joy and faith. Oh, I'm so perfect! )

But, there is one thing, about this Christmas - this is first Christmas without my father ( Actually, second, but feels like first 'cause he left us week before last Christmas. We did not even celebrate last year ). It will be empty, I know. But I hope we will all get together with memory of our father in hearts and minds and with appreciation of life and people around us much more than before.

Wish you very happy xmas preparation!!

Love, Zrinka

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